Discover the new House of the Cantautori in Genova

A new shop and museum has opened in Genova, dedicated to Fabrizio De Andrè and the so-called “scuola genovese dei cantautori”, based in a beautiful historic building of the old town. Fabrizio De Andrè, one of the most famous ever Italian singer-songwriters, was born in Genova in 1940. But he is not the only character in the musical story of the town. The “scuola genovese” also includes Umberto Bindi, Bruno Lauzi, Luigi Tenco, Gino Paoli and Ivano Fossati and other artists who started composing in Genova between the 50’s and 90’s.

VIADELCAMPO29ROSSO is the address of the new attraction. But Via del Campo is also the name of one of De Andre's most famous songs, that tells the story of a prostitute working there. Since 2010 there has been a music shop in the street called “Gianni Tassio”. Tassio was a great expert on the Scuola Genovese and a passionate collector. After De Andre's death in 1999, the shop became the destination for the spontaneous pilgrimage of thousands of fans.

The project’s main aim is to preserve and promote the musical and poetical heritage left by the artists of the “scuola genovese”, disseminating their works, and using the most advanced technologies. Touchscreens, apps and dedicated areas for listening offer the visitor an immersive experience of cantautori's stories and music.

A partnership with the Municipality and local cultural institutions, Via del campo is a catalyst for all music, art and poetry events in Genova. Organised performances, readings, concerts, guided tours, and workshops aim to strengthen the links between the town and its musical and poetic traditions. Via del Campo’s shop also sells the best music and books about Fabrizio De Andre and the Scuola Genovese, rare LPs and exclusive merchandising. Entrance is free.


Monitor, touchscreens and interactive stations
offer the visitor an immersive experience.

Guided tours

Focused on unusual and fascinating stories of the old town told by the “cantautori”, the guided tours take place every 1st and 3rd Saturday . Extra dates can also be booked.
Info and booking
Tel. +39 010 2474064


For schools and families, the workshops aim to stimulate learning and fun from the music.
Info and booking
tel +39 348 3578720


Temporary exhibitions, performances, concerts, readings, and meeting with the artists.